Sunday, February 13, 2011

Voice Gateway

What Is A Voice Gateway

A voice gateway is a device that connects directly to your broadband internet cable modem and allows you to make and receive calls while you're on the Internet. A voice gateway doesn't even come in contact with your computer and does not require that you have a network router connected to your modem to work. Voice gateways allow you to take full advantage of VoIP services without your internet access being interrupted whenever you get a phone call or need to call out.

Voice gateway is a network device that converts voice and fax calls, in real time, between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and an IP network. The primary functions of a VoIP gateway include voice and fax compression/decompression, packetization, call routing, and control signaling. Additional features may include interfaces to external controllers, such as Gatekeepers or Soft switches, billing systems, and network management systems.

Deployments of voice over IP (VoIP) networks continue at a rapid pace. Voice gateways are an essential part of VoIP networks, handling the many tasks involved in translating between transmission formats and protocols and acting as the interface between an IP telephony network and the PSTN or PBX. Gatekeepers and IP-to-IP gateways help these networks scale. Gatekeepers provide call admission control, call routing, address resolution, and bandwidth management. IP-to-IP gateways allow VoIP calls to traverse disparate IP networks.
The development of Voice-over-IP technology has revolutionized the way telecom does business. By enabling the transportation of voice traffic over data networks, VoIP drives the process of convergence between the public switched telephone networks (PSTN), the Internet and other private IP networks. Such convergence opens up opportunities for providers to offer new services and for users to enjoy significant cost savings.

Working of A Voice Gateway

The device or gateway, which is about the size of a video cartridge, is plugged into your broadband DSL or cable modem. You then attach an ordinary cord or cordless telephone to the gateway and make calls just as you would with the plain old telephone system (POTS).
A voice gateway, also known as a VoIP gateway, plugs directly into your cable modem and intercepts phone calls that are transmitted through your VoIP service. The user plugs a wired telephone or wireless telephone base into the voice gateway once it has been installed on the cable modem. When a phone call is made or received, the voice gateway converts voices into data packets, much like a wireless internet connection does, and then transmits that information across the internet to the other person, where it is then converted back into voice.

  •   Because the gateway bypasses your computer, you can surf the Web at the same time
  •   No software is required.
  •   The gateway can be set up with or without a network router.
  •   You can add additional phone lines from the gateway with an RJ-11(Registered Jack) splitter.
  •   Saves money on long-distance charges,
  •   Better sound quality than afforded by a regular dial-up connection.

If the Internet service is down, the phone will be down along with it.

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