Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Future Internet Design

Future internet design (FIND) was created in 2006 to empower the research community to design and implement a new Future Internet that builds on knowledge and insight about current network.
The NeTS FIND mainly focus on the three phases. The first phase primarily focuses on the components or parts of the architecture such as new schemes of security, naming or routing. In the second phase of FIND, based on the data of first phase researcher forms teams and proposes overarching network architecture. In the third phase of NeTS FIND involves the implementing of overarching research network architecture, crating code and testing code them through emulation and simulation and then by experimenting with the real users and real data.
FIND is based on the idea that to achieve substantive change in what the Future Internet might be the researcher make the existing internet better through an incremental change.
FIND should consider what would be required in a future Internet and requirements for Future Internet includes the following points
i>                  Security and Availability
A Future Internet must provide the improved security and robustness.

ii>                New Networking Technologies
It involves the importance of wireless brings a focus on mobility, location awareness and processing bandwidth limitations. The emergence of new optical capabilities.

iii>              New Computing Paradigm
Future internet must support the computing environment in future which includes many computing devices providing processing, human interfaces, etc.
iv>              Application support
Application support must benefit the future complex applications with richer and more advanced set of features.

v>                Network Management
A future Internet should be easier to configure, debug and manage, both for the large network provider and consumer.

vi>              Economic Concern
A Future Internet should faster investment and the development of new functionality.

vii>            Planning For Change
The architecture of Future Internet should allow for evolution and enhancement while preserving the consistency of the architecture.